Historic Land, Heirloom Seeds

Winding Stair Farm honors the traditions that allowed agriculture to thrive in Western North Carolina.
Nancy West

Helping People. Changing Lives.

The Literacy Council of Cashiers’ stunning record of success is predicated upon passionate volunteers like Nancy West.

Sue and Kaleb

A Family Friendly Affair

With a little bit of time to breathe, Carpe Diem Farms begins to plan its 25th anniversary celebration.
Amy Passauer

Seed Madagascar

For Highlands runner Amy Passauer, a 50k race through the wilds of Madagascar comes with a deeper purpose.

Community Garden

The Food Pantry of Highlands embraces the promise of vertical gardening to ensure fresh, vitamin-rich produce for its clients.
Beverly Wichman and Carolyn Higgins

New Faces at The Chamber

Two new faces at the Highlands Chamber of Commerce prepares for an even busier chamber in the future.


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Taking the High Road
Published on
2017/09 - September
Courageous men and thousands of hours of back-breaking labor gave us the magnificent Gorge Road.  more
Tea for Three
Published on
2017/09 - September
“Tea for Three: Lady Bird, Pat & Betty” explores the unique demands placed upon a trio of First Ladies. It’s a fundraiser for the Literacy Council of Highlands, set for 5:00 P.M. Sunday, September 24, at the Martin-Lipscomb Performing Arts Center.  more
The Kitchen Carry Away
Published on
2017/09 - September
Not sure what to serve? Don’t worry, Suzanne and Dan Young are in The Kitchen. Chef Holly Roberts’ cherished Highlands institution is in good hands.  more
The Paradigm of Posture
Published on
2017/09 - September
Treating fascia with care and wisdom lies at the heart of living with a healthy body.  more
There’s Something About the Plateau
Published on
2017/09 - September
The Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust is all about preserving the Plateau’s natural heritage. They’ve been doing it since 1909.  more
This Classic Is Calling You Home
Published on
2017/09 - September
This magnificent Brushy Face Estate offers an eagle’s eye view of the Highlands-Cashiers Plateau.  more
Toad Abodes and Frog Bogs
Published on
2017/09 - September
Some of your cold-blooded neighbors need a little more coaxing to move into your backyard.  more
Who Writes This Stuff?
Published on
2017/09 - September
“Fortune Cookies, wise as ox, can confusticate man or woman no child.”   more
Food Pantry Benefits
Published on
2017/01 - Winter
A generous community and the Highlands Food and Wine Festival ensure The Food Pantry of Highlands makes it through the winter.  more
Collective Spirits
Published on
2017/04 - April
The Bascom’s Collective Spirits celebration, set for June 8-10, offers new twists on this Plateau favorite − the unofficial start of the Highlands Season.  more